In the menu on the left one can choose to read Catullus’ poems alone (POEMS) or accompanied by a menu of icons that lead to the critical apparatus and additional material (POEMS WITH APPARATUS). In either mode of reading one can click on the bar on the upper right (SHOW FULL APPARATUS) to see the entire critical apparatus.

Four kinds of icons are used: a triangle leads to the critical apparatus to the line in question, a square leads to the images of the surviving manuscripts, a quotation mark to the testimonia (ancient quotations), and a cross to an additional overview of the reconstructions that have been proposed of the line (this is used only at 25.5, 29.20, 168b.157-158 and 107.7-8).   The testimonia and the images of the manuscripts can also be viewed separately by clicking on the respective links in the menu on the left.  

The search function on the left can be used to search the text, the critical apparatus, and/or the testimonia, while the “go to passage” function helps to jump to a given line.   

As of early 2013, the website has been optimalised for the browsers Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.   It should also function well with Internet Explorer.   However, it may have moderate limitations if viewed through a Safari browser.